01 The activity of the Group

Implemented measures and investments

Capital expenditure and Pro-environmental investments in 2019

Capital expenditure [PLN m]20182019Percentage changePlan for 2019
Support and other81.884.20.585144
Equity investments 331181.60.832218.3
TOTAL Plan implementation2,306.82,181.10.8742,496.1

Pro-environmental investments:

SpecificationImplementation in 2019 [PLN m]
Adaptation to the BAT conclusions (Połaniec)115
Development of the FGD installation for Units 9 and 10 (Kozienice)60
Adaptation to the BAT conclusions (Kozienice)31
Upgrade of the electrostatic precipitator for the K8 boiler (Białystok)12
Connection of wind farms (ENEA Operator)6
TOTAL Pro-environmental investment238

Status of works on key investment projects


  • Ostrów field – design works,
  • Purchase of finished goods, machinery and equipment,
  • New excavations and modernisation of existing ones – in FY 2019, 29.1 km of galleries were completed,
  • Acquisition of new licences – a licence for extraction of hard coal from the “Lubelskie Zagłębie Węglowe” deposit – the K-6 and K-7 areas – was obtained.


ENEA Wytwarzanie:

  • Development of a catalytic flue gas denitrification (FDG) installation with an upgrade of electrostatic precipitators (ESP) for AP-1650 boilers of Units 9 and 10 within the framework of the Upgrade Programme of 2 x 500 MW units – continued since 2018. The works were carried out to the extent enabling the commissioning of Unit 9, but due to the Contractor’s delays, the works remaining to be carried out in accordance with the contract are still in progress. Negotiations are underway concerning the dispute over the claims submitted by Rafako, including remuneration for performing additional works and updating the deadlines for performing the Contract and its individual parts. It is estimated that the Programme may be completed in Q3 2020.
  • Upgrade of Unit 9 as part of the 2 x 500 MW Units Upgrade Programme – continued since 2018. The Unit is currently in operation and the works have been completed.
  • Upgrade of Unit 7 – following the completion of the upgrade, the Unit was restarted on 15 April 2019 and put into operation on 4 July 2019.
  • Upgrade of Unit 2 – on 31 July 2019, the unit was restarted in line with schedule.
  • Adaptation of the System Power Plants Segment at ENEA Wytwarzanie Sp. z o.o. to the BAT conclusions.

ENEA Elektrownia Połaniec:

  • Upgrade of Unit 5 – Phoenix project for Unit 5.
  • Adaptation of EEP to the BAT conclusions.

ENEA Ciepło:

  • Refurbishment of the K6 boiler - the scope of works covered:
    - Reinstatement of the K6 boiler-side tank’s auger conveyor.
    - Reinstatement of the K6 boiler intermediate tank’s auger conveyors
    - Replacement of the K6 boiler’s steam superheater chambers.
    - Upgrade of the 1WPP2 fan
    - Reinstatement of the K6 boiler’s brickwork.
  • Refurbishment of the K8 boiler – the scope of works covered:
    - Replacement of the K8 boiler’s steam superheater chambers.
    - Installation of a barrier air system for the K8 boiler’s blowers.
  • Upgrade of Experion PKS system (Control System for power units and DCS class auxiliary systems) – the scope of works included:
    - Delivery of computer hardware.
    - Upgrade of Experion PKS system on Units 1, 3, 4 and non-unit systems from version 301 to version 510.
    - Functional tests of the updated software and system.
  • Reinstatement of TZ4 fan cooling tower:
    - On 6 November 2019, a contract was concluded with the contractor for the execution of works, and then:
    > Disassembly works were carried out.
    > Works were carried out on the reinforced concrete structure.
    > Delivery of the cold storage tank’s wet deck system was completed.
  • Upgrade of the K8 boiler’s electrostatic precipitator (ESP) – the scope of works included:
    - Disassembly of the existing ESP.
    - Repair of the ESP’s existing support structure.
    - Delivery of ESP’s elements and their assembly.
    - Comprehensive construction and installation works related to the upgrade of the ESP.
    - Start-up, adjustment and test run of the ESP.
    - On 27 November 2019, the facility was commissioned.
  • Conversion of the B1 boiler to gas fuel.
    - Upgrade of the K1 boiler for gaseous fuel (in particular, installation of 2 gas burners). Boiler output after the conversion in accordance with DTR: 34 MWt.
    - Construction of the Dn 280 gas connection from the distribution pipeline at the border of the plot to the pressure reduction and measuring station.
    - Construction of the pressure reduction and measuring station with two measuring systems.
    - Construction of a medium-voltage underground installation from the pressure reduction and measuring station to the Heat Plant building.


  • ENEA Operator uses the available support programmes and is committed to obtaining grants under both regional and national programmes. In total, the Company is currently implementing more than 30 investment and research projects covered by subsidy agreements.
  • Continuation of ongoing investments and launching new investments to be implemented in 2020 and in the following years.
  • Completion of an R&D project – “Pilot project to reduce power losses in used and newly installed MV/LV transformers by applying the algorithm of optimizing the selection of the transformer to the conditions of actual station load by relocation of units taking into account the effects of environmental impact”. The project was implemented within the framework of the priority axis “Support for innovations fostering resource-efficient and low-emission economy. Part 1. Falcon – implementation of innovative environmental technologies – National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management”.
  • Research, development and innovation activities as a tool supporting increased efficiency of the Distribution Area and responding to challenges related to the role of DSOs in the new model of the electricity market.
  • Completion of a number of investments related to the extension and upgrade of power grids, including those related to grid connection.
  • Construction and modernisation of a number of network infrastructure elements, such as high, medium and low voltage lines and transformer stations, related to the implementation of the following objectives: implementation of the public-law obligation, ensuring energy security of the region, improvement of reliability and quality of electricity supply - network automation, change in the structure of the MV network from overhead to cable, actions aimed at achieving the “smart grid” standard in the network.
  • Implementation of ENEA Operator's statutory obligations for electromobility. The aim of the project is to implement in ENEA Operator solutions and products that meet the requirements set for DSOs in the Act on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels.
  • Continuation of development of IT tools supporting grid management and grid automatics.

Retail Trade Area

The key project implemented within the Retail Trade area was a project concerning the adaptation of ENEA Group to the new legal regulations contained in the Act of 28 December 2018 on amending the Excise Duty Act and amending certain other acts. The project covers both business processes and IT tools and systems.

Within the framework of the Project:

  • Tariffs and Price Lists for 2019 were adjusted to the requirements of the Act.
  • The “statutory” prices for customers were set for 2019.
  • Formal changes were made to the terms and conditions of contracts with Customers in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
  • Appropriate adjustments were made to settlements with the Customers.
  • Appropriate applications were prepared and submitted to Zarządca Rozliczeń (Settlement Manager) for the payment of funds constituting compensation for the application of statutory mechanisms with regard to prices for 2019. ENEA S.A. obtained the amounts requested.

Changes were made in the billing system and other IT systems resulting from the necessity to adjust them to the requirements of the Act.

Customer Service Area

  • Completion of the most important part of the project of a new visualization of Customer Service Centres. All 32 centres have been visualized.
  • Continuation of work on the introduction of automation of maintenance processes using, among others, business process robotization (RPA), which will translate into timely implementation of key indicators in the processes.
  • Launch of the modernised Electronic Customer Service Centre (eBOK), which is more user-friendly and provides simpler service.
  • Launch of the possibility of electronic payments in the eBOK by a second Payment Operator – PayU.
  • Completion of the implementation in all Customer Service Centres of the electronic pen to sign contracts in the Customer Service Centre in order to simplify the service process and minimize the number of printed documents.
  • Implementation of the Customer Satisfaction Survey in Customer Service Centres (customer satisfaction surveys).
  • Implementation of a system supporting the management of customer information, i.e. the Central Customer Database (CBK).
  • Upgrade of the IVR service on the 611 111 111 Infoline to a simpler and more user-friendly one for the Customer and launch of a new self-service facility for reporting power outage in the apartment/premises.
  • Launch of self-service facilities after the working hours of the infoline (after 10:00 pm and on public holidays).
  • Implementation of new templates of responses to e-mails and customer chats in order to improve the quality of customer service.

Wholesale Trade Area

  • Project “Main capacity auction for 2024 and secondary market”, whose main objective is to prepare ENEA Group’s assets for general certification and to develop and implement a strategy for participation in the main capacity auction for the delivery year 2024, in the additional auctions for 2021 and operations on the secondary market.
  • Project “Creation of a system of logistic service of biomass deliveries through sea ports to ENEA Elektrownia Połaniec Spółka Akcyjna”.

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