02 Financial standing

Key operating data and ratios of ENEA Group

Key operating data and ratios of ENEA Group [1]
Unit20182019Change% changeQ4 2018Q4 2019Change% change
Revenue from sales and other incomePLN 000s12,672,77016,401,2983,728,52829.4%3,288,5724,232,509943,93728.7%
EBITDAPLN 000s2,348,2993,410,3091,062,01045.2%374,960854,693479,733127.9%
EBITPLN 000s1,037,0861,856,520819,43479%116,838427,877311,039266.2%
Net profit / (loss) for the reporting periodPLN 000s719,250540,697-178,553-24.8%98,961-449,214-548,175-553.9%
Net profit / (loss) attributable to shareholders of the parent companyPLN 000s686,739423,205-263,534-38.4%102,622-468,332-570,954-556.4%
Net cash flows from operating activitiesPLN 000s2,435,2392,144,615-290,624-11.9%-399,009-823,281-424,272-106.3%
CAPEXPLN 000s2,306,8002,181,120-125,680-5.4%851,997689,714-162,283-19%
Net debt / EBITDA[1]-2.411.95-0.46-19.1%2.411.95-0.46-19.1%
Rentowność aktywów (ROA)[1]%2.4%1.6%-0,8 p.p.-1.3%-5.5%-6,8 p.p.-
Return on Assets (ROE)[1]%4.8%3.5%-1,3 p.p.-2.6%-11.6%-14,2 p.p.-
Sales of electricity and gaseous fuel to retail customersGWh21,45720,339-1,118-5.2%5,5955,243-352-6.3%
Number of customers (Power Delivery Points)000s2,4862,535492%2,4862,535492%
Sales of distribution services to end usersGWh19,87719,764-113-0.6%4,9414,986450.9%
Number of users (closing balance)000s2,5892,626371.4%2,5892,626371.4%
Total net generation of electricity, GWh26,50325,931-572-2.2%6,5636,053-510-7.8%
of which:
from conventional sourcesGWh24,47823,653-825-3.4%5,9875,390-597-10%
from renewable sourcesGWh2,0252,27825312.5%5766638715.1%
Gross heat generationTJ7,6097,207-402-5.3%2,3822,123-259-10.9%
Sales of electricity, including: [2]GWh35,93830,584-5,354-14.9%8,9767,664-1,312-14.6%
from conventional sourcesGWh24,47823,653-825-3.4%5,9875,390-597-10%
from renewable sourcesGWh2,0252,27825312.5%5766638715.1%
from purchaseGWh9,4354,653-4,782-50.7%2,4131,611-802-33.3%
Sales of heatTJ6,8656,518-347-5.1%2,1631,944-219-10.1%
Net production000s tons9,0079,4514444.9%2,1872,3241376.3%
Sales of coal000s tons8,9439,3594164.7%2,1552,2981436.6%
Inventories at the end of the period000s tons8817991103.4%8817991103.4%
Excavation workskm3729.1-7.9-21.4%8.47.4-1-11.9%

[1] Definitions of the ratios are presented on Page 180

[2] Presentation change

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