02 Financial standing

Selected non-consolidated financial data

EBITDA [PLN 000s] -142-109
Net result [PLN 000s] 727283
[PLN 000s]20182019Change% change
Revenue from sales and other income4,701,6895,697,448995,75921.2%
Operating profit / (loss)-144,577-113,83130,74621.3%
Profit / (loss) before tax702,815287,294-415,521-59.1%
Net profit / (loss) for the reporting period727,136283,331-443,805-61%
Net cash flows from:
operating activities1)-308,733-30,933277,80090%
investing activities142,485429,197286,712201.2%
financing activities142,7501,318,1541,175,404823.4%
Cash at the end of the period1)999,1932,715,6111,716,418171.8%
Weighted average number of shares441,442,578441,442,578--
Earnings per share [PLN]1.650.64-1.01-61.2%
Diluted earnings per share [PLN]1.650.64-1.01-61.2%

[1] starting in 2019, group cash pooling liabilities have been recognized as cash equivalents for the purposes of the statement of cash flows. The comparative data were changed accordingly.

[PLN 000s]Q4 2018Q4 2019Change% change
Net revenue from sales1,279,1731,487,487208,31416.3%
Operating profit / (loss)-125,104-77,78147,32337.8%
Profit / (loss) before tax21,817-439,379-461,196-2,113.9%
Net profit / (loss) for the reporting period14,818-416,439-431,257-2,910.4%
Weighted average number of shares441,442,578441,442,578--
Earnings per share [PLN]0.03-0.94-0.97-3,233.3%
Diluted earnings per share [PLN]0.03-0.94-0.97-3,233.3%
[PLN 000s]31 December 201831 December 2019Change% change
Total assets22,943,79424,696,6331,752,8397.6%
Total liabilities9,647,94811,122,4541,474,50615.3%
Non-current liabilities7,976,0207,936,568-39,452-0.5%
Current liabilities1,671,9283,185,8861,513,95890.6%
Share capital588,018588,018--
Book value per share [PLN]30.1230.750.632.1%
Diluted book value per share [PLN]30.1230.750.632.1%

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